A trip to Lapland and making a play 06.11.2017

Hello everyone. We are Sebastian and Javier again to tell you how it was our autumn at the school.
After the camp in Pättiniemi in which we took part helping the teachers, Javier went to Lapland to support the teachers in six days school trip. It was great experience and chance to meet the 9th grade students. Despite the weather, we all enjoyed the awesome autumn in Lapland.

pictures: Javier Gadea and Ilkka Aaltonen

Once we were back from those camps, our activities have gone from helping at the language lessons, supporting some teachers in their daily tasks and helping at the 5th grade play. This last duty has been a wonderful experience. Our mainly occupation was to build some parts of the stage and take care of the lights. We have felt as if we were part of the team. Kiitos Saara and Merja.We are currently helping at Stina’s English lessons at the primary school.

pictures: Javier Gadea
text: Javier Gadea