Celebration and plays 19.01.2018

Hello again! We are Javier and Sebastian, the European volunteers at the school.

During the last part of the year we continued taking part in some English, Spanish and German lessons. The dynamic is good and our presence at the classes helps the students to practice the
spoken language.

We also took part of the different festivities, helping at the preparation for the Finlands hundred years celebration and the preparation for Christmas happenings. It has been an awesome experience to live the hundred years party from the inside.

The 8th grade had their play Oliver Twist and we cooperate with them in the preparation of
the settings for the different scenes. It is always an entertaining time when a play is going

Before going on holiday, we also had the chance and time to develop some of our personal
ideas and personal projects. Planning the coming year activities was another part of that
time. As a result of this preparations, we are doing activities on the break time with the
classes of the lower grades. The plan for documenting the Waldorf pedagogy has also been
done and we will start next week.

text: Javier Gadea and Sebastian Groß
pictures: Javier Gadea and Sebastian Groß