Javier and Sebastian, new volunteers in Tampereen steinerkoulu 01.09.2017

Hi! We are Sebastian and Javier, two volunteers from Germany and Spain and we will do our European Voluntary Service here at the Rudolf Steiner School in Tampere.

First of all, we are happy having you all reading us, welcome all!

picture: Jenni Jukkola

Before going into our experiences here, we would like to introduce a little bit what our programme is about. We are glad to say that we are part of the European Voluntary Service. It consists of a programme in which youths from all Europe spend a period of time in a different country working as a volunteer in different tasks. In our case our main duties are reporting the school year, helping at the organization of events, helping at some language classes as a native support and offering students the opportunity to talk in English and discover new cultures. Since we are living in a biodynamic farm, we are also learning how it work, how to take more care of our planet and all the principles that it implies.

After two weeks helping in the farm with the other 6 EVS (European Voluntary Service) that also live in Kurjen Tila, we have finally started our period here at the school. Our first impression here is… Impressive? I (Javier) have already been helping in some other schools in Spain and haven’t seen something like this. First of all, the architecture here is quite peculiar, based on their anthroposophical principles, there are no perfect squares, because in nature this angle does not exist. Apart from that, I like all the activities that are carried out here, the way of thinking and the way treat the students.

picture: Sebastian Groß

The time to start at school has come! We came here on Monday and now we are already in the middle of the week, still finding our place here. Up to now, our main obligation has been to be at some important appointments to understand how the school works and what the school expect from us. Information was pouring down as the rain in Autumn, it was impossible to remember everything. Anyway we have a whole year to get used to it. It has been so good to have Heli, a student counsellor, as our first contact person at school. She was kind, relaxed and welcoming. Moreover, she has been working here in the school for so long, so she knows everything we need to know and how to deal with our situation. Then, we have just been meeting teacher after teacher, worker after worker, sometimes we don’t even know if we have introduced to that person before or not. Thankfully they all are making our first days here easier, it seems that everyone is happy with us here.

picture: Sebastian Groß

On the one hand, teachers are great; on the other, students a bit shy yet. One of our duties, is to push students to speak English, to meet people from other countries and cultures and to become kind of support for them. Actually, the first contact has been kind of strange, we are still breaking the ice, and they are not used to this situation. Shyness is breathed in students own place “Stelula”, but it will change, for sure.

In the following two weeks we will help in two camps with the students, first from 10th and after that from 9th grade. We go on Monday to Pättiniemi, come on Friday, rest for a couple of hours, and go to Lapland on Saturday morning for 6 days.

We will keep on posting after those trips. Stay tuned if you want to know more about them and see cool pictures!

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Javier & Sebastian